The Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

by Black Bay

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released September 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Black Bay Prague, Czech Republic

Melodic Hardcore from Prague, Czech Republic.

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Track Name: Resist [feat. Pavel Eder]
I need to get out of this town
it claims me as its own
I guess I should be the person
you once used to know

But I am living life for me
and I have made a choice
some words are better left unsaid
but you will hear my voice

I've never felt so alive
like I did when I changed my ways
so here's to being proud (being proud)
here's to the good new days

Speak up, speak your mind
Resist, don't let your voice die

Speak up, speak your mind
no matter what the world cries
speak up, speak your heart,
resist, don't let your voice die
no matter what the world cries.
Track Name: Royalties
I will never falter right before your eyes
My pride keeps me above the sea
I'm standing lonely in this world but resolute
reaping what is left of my memories
I'm alive and confident

And as I stand here
I stand for what I believe

and I will always aim
for the same direction
there's only one life to live
It's about time I took action

and I will always aim (I aim)
for the same direction
one life to live (I live)
time to take action

This is my own path
and this was my decision

My path,
My conviction
My path,
My decision
My path, my life
My conviction

I was too blind to see
the beauty of my possibilities

the ocean is as deep
as your mind allows it to be
Track Name: On Heart
Just look at me
I am who I need to be
even though constantly
I'm doubting my own beliefs

This life is a gift
I'm grateful for every part of it

This is my conviction
something I believe
my only reason
to live the life I live

I've been on my own
I've overcome, never needed you
above my head
but I should have realized
I cannot make the same mistakes again
ever again

I can feel it now
as I look up to the sky
and the Sun blinds my eyes
that's when I realize

It's on my mind
haunting me everytime I think about the future
about reality and who I aspire to be
Track Name: L'odeur Puissante des Roses
Waking up still feels the same
and I've only got myself to blame
I don't need the shame,
yet I've never asked to be saved.

I have reached the point of perfection,
but I'm missing way too much,
the only thing that keeps me sane;
the smell of roses and your touch.

I shiver as I call out your name,
the smell of roses keeps me sane
the image of you starts to fade
I've only got myself to blame.

The image of you starts to fade,
I shiver as I call out your name,
The smell of roses keeps me sane.